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Golden socks ,Cracking Premium Accounts,Black hat seo,White hat seo

Golden socks ,Cracking Premium Accounts,Black hat seo,White hat seo


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    The Rules Of Introduction Section


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    The Rules Of Introduction Section

    Post by ~Drana~ on Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:43 am

    I could put here a bunch of rules to users made a proper introduction but is proved that users don t follow rules.

    Basic there is a few points that should be follow

    Remember all introductions are auto moderated and all must be review by the administrators before be approved to public and allow the users reply in others sections.

    If you are a girl and will love have access to the girls and debate about girls stuff you should say in the introduction you made that you are GIRL.

    If you real want the introduction be approved you should give us some basic information is not that anyone here wanna date any of you is just to make it polite.

    With all this say a proper introduction should have something like this;


    hi my name is boss i'm from portugal i'm a male and i have found devil-group looking for that booter to boot all the chat rooms users that boring me and my hobby is be bad in the morning half bad in the afternoon and a angel sleeping

    Is not ask that to much right ?

    5. Location
    6.And from where did u know about Backtrack-Group

    you make it u ready to go

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